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Our LOGO has arrived

A big thank you to Metacake.com and their founders for supporting Mental Health and Hope alongside of us.

Thank You:

Dear Metacake.com,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating the Momentum Hope logo. We are thrilled with the design and love how it perfectly encapsulates our mission of creating a movement of hope that will bring about positive change in our community.

Furthermore, we’d like to express our appreciation for your efforts in helping raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues by incorporating the green ribbon into the logo. It is a powerful symbol that resonates with many people who have personally experienced or been impacted by mental health issues. We look forward to seeing the green ribbon displayed everywhere – physical as well as digital – and showing our commitment towards acceptance and inclusion.

Your team was great to work with throughout the entire process, and we appreciate your dedication in crafting this meaningful logo for us.

Thank you again for your help in bringing our vision for Momentum Hope to life!

Sincerely, Momentum Hope Team

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