is the conduit, the messenger, for what the Green Ribbon represents. Our goal is the have the Green Ribbon as highly recognized as the pink one. Share the green ribbon and lets have it displayed everywhere as the symbol of mental health awareness and hope.

Mental Health Knows No Boundaries

With the massive rise of mental health issues, it is essential to look at how this conversation transcends all political divides. Mental health is not a partisan issue; it affects us all and requires open dialogue to be understood and properly addressed. From depression to anxiety, mental illness has many faces but one solution—promoting understanding, […]

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters. It’s time to break the silence and talk about mental health. Too often, people suffering in silence because of the shame and guilt associated with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. But mental health is treatable. People can and do live fulfilling lives with mental illness. If you or someone you […]

We love being asked this…

It’s not surprising how many times recently “What are we trying to accomplish at Momentum Hope?” We love to answer that question. Simply put, God calls us to be disciples by following in the footsteps of Jesus, learning from his teachings, and sharing his message of love and compassion with others.  Discipling and being a conduit for […]

Our LOGO has arrived

A big thank you to and their founders for supporting Mental Health and Hope alongside of us. Thank You: Dear, We wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating the Momentum Hope logo. We are thrilled with the design and love how it perfectly encapsulates our mission of creating a movement of hope that […]